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    Project: Cambridge Nursery School

    Location: Cambridge, MA

    Project Type: Educational

    Owner: Cambridge Nursery School

    Architect: Hammer Architects

    Originally constructed in 1928, the Cambridge Nursery School recently underwent major renovations that resulted in a new and expanded facility.  Roughly half of the existing building was demolished to make way for a new addition, and the remaining original structure underwent complete gut rehabilitation for all new finishes and MEPs.  Featuring red cedar siding and details required to satisfy the criteria defined by the Avon Hill Historical Society on the exterior, as well as plaster, pendant lighting, radiant flooring, custom millwork and a custom play sink and sand box on the interior, the newly expanded and refurbished Cambridge Nursery School combines an historic ambience with modern conveniences for its mostly legacy student body and staff.


    Cambridge Nursery School photos courtesy Mark Hammer, ©Hammer Architects